Sad News

circus jonno the entertainerAs a happy group of entertainers, we don’t often like to mention to customers sad news.  Today has not been our best, infact it is our worse day, as we were informed that our friend and fellow entertainer “JONNO” has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 49 on 17.5.15.

Our thoughts are with Jonno’s family, and particularly his children Stacey and Luke.   “Your dad is a diamond, a talented hard working man, who always wore a cheeky smile on his face.  He never moaned and was a brilliant act.  He was a hoot to train with, a laugh at work and barrels of fun when has was not working.  His audiences loved him, as his friends loved him, as we know you do and Jonno will never be forgotten.  Rest In Peace Jonno, you are a legend and thank you for being our friend.