Punch and Judy


We have performed Punch and Judy shows all over the UK for years.

Our Punch and Judy puppet show for events and gala’s  is a silly slapstick fun and will entertain all age groups at your fun event.   …….Oh Yes it will!

You will meet Mr Punch, Judy, and their silly baby.  Mr Punch and Judy are a typical loving couple, but as soon as Judy nips to the shop for some sausages, leaving Punch to look after the baby, things start to go wrong.   The Policeman will also be on the lookout for Mr Punch, who will be visited by a mischievous hungry crocodile.  The cast for this super puppet show are traditional, Punch , Judy, the baby, Joey the Clown, ghosty, cheeky monkey and the crocodile. More Info