Mr Dan makes a £5 donation to the NSPCC in return for each google maps review


Please help other customers and the NSPCC
by spending a minute and doing a quick google maps review

Always Log Into Google to Do A Google Review.  If you are not a google user, register by clicking  log in and add account on google – it is simple!

How to do a google plus review for a laptop or desktop browser  –

1)  Please log into google on a desktop browser  rather than a mobile device  or ipad
2) Go onto our google maps link below and click write a review
3) Submit a review of Mr Dan.

Click Here And Scroll Down Please



How to do a google plus review for an I phone, I pad or mobile device –

*****Please note, it is much easy to leave a review on a laptop or computer, this has proved difficult for some customers*****

1)  Please log into google.  If you are not a google, register by clicking  log in and add account

2)  Please load google maps using the google maps app.   Do not use an app called maps – it must be google maps.

3)  Search Mr Dan Entertainers and select this business by clicking on the writing

4)  Submit the review by completing the stars and clicking done.



How to do a Facebook Review

You can also review us on facebook by clicking here and then clicking review

That would be so awesome.  (This can be done a mobile phone, tablet or computer – you have to find review on face book to do a review).

Email Review

We would love to hear the feedback from your event.

Please fill out the form below.*

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Thank you 🙂

Your help is greatly appreciated.  Particularly by the NSPCC who help reduce child abuse in the UK