Thank you if you have booked our services. Please be aware that all of our bookings have terms and conditions and are subject to a cancellation policy for confirmed bookings.

Confirmed Bookings

Confirmed bookings are when customers order our services through the , internet booking form system.  In some cases, through the telephone or by written confirmation too.

Our customers have a confirmation for our bookings.   Confirmations are emailed out to our customers after they have completed our online booking form system.  If you have a booking form from us, please double check all details  on your email confirmation because it is crucial written agreement.  Please also check the time on the email header to ensure that everything makes sense with your booking.

If you do not have a confirmation for a booking,  the booking may not been processed or submitted properly and so we can’t guarantee that your act is booked.  We are not liable to send an act out  in the circumstances when you do not have a confirmation.    If you do not have a confirmation but feel you should have, please contact our office and we will try our best to rectify the matter.

Cancellation Policy

  • If a confirmed booking is cancelled thirty one days or more before the performance date no fee is due.
  • If a confirmed booking is cancelled between twenty one  and thirty days before the performance date a twenty five percent fee is payable.
  • If a confirmed booking is cancelled between eleven and twenty days before the performance date then a fifty percent cancellation fee is payable.
  • If a confirmed booking date is cancelled ten days or fewer before the performance date then a full cancellation fee is payable.
  • if you require a refund for a deposit then there is a £15.00 administration charge applicable.

If you wish to cancel a booking, please email [email protected] and wait for a confirmation of the cancellation.

Please note, we do not accept voice machine messages or text messages as a valid form of cancellation.

If you wish to cancel because of poor weather, then our cancellation policy is still active.  Please consider this if you are planning an outdoor event.

Health and Safety

We aim to maintain high standards of health and safety at our parties and encourage all children to have adult supervision whilst learning circus skills. While we carry Public Liability Insurance, we do not approve of people misusing circus equipment and accept no responsibility if an injury is caused by such misuse.

Our entertainers reserve the right to change the content of entertainment or the equipment used according to venue size, numbers of children involved and health & safety requirements. Our entertainers take no responsibility for allergic conditions that may exist with the audience for example allergies to face paint, balloon latex, or sweets handed to children.

When you booking our parties such as our disco party.  Please note that the package excludes pass the parcel and prizes or toy handouts.  This helps to keep the cost down and we feel this is a safer way of working.

For Punch and Judy, the booth must be in a safe location and if there is a hazard or risk that it can blow away, we would not erect the Punch and Judy booth.

Double or Triple Birthday Parties

For parties in the instance of more than one birthday child, an additional cost will or may be added to the original quote from us and in which case you would be notified clearly.   If there is an additional cost because the original quote was for a standard one birthday child  party , then the  agreed fee is only increased by a small amount and  then the new fee is amended and stated on your customer email confirmation.  Our company does not have hidden charges , we simply use this policy as some customers do not state that the parties are for more than one child when they make enquiries with us.   As entertainers, it is more difficult to entertain two or three birthday children concurrently on a stage  and as birthday children receive prizes, the small extra cost helps to cover the time and money to buy or make prizes for the  birthday children.


Our entertainers will aim to look presentable whilst working for you.  If you, your guest, or your customers dislike any of our costumes, we do not take responsibility for this matter.  We understand that some people dislike certain appearances, and although we aim to please, we cannot be blamed  if any occurring issues regarding costumes .  If you would like to speak with us about our entertainers outfits, then we are happy to explain what the act is going to wear and we can even offer opportunities where by you can look at what our entertainers or staff are going to wear.  We are a team of hard working entertainers, rather than a costume hire service and we feel that we can bring our customers joy with entertainment skills, dressed in an outfit that we hope you will think fits well for your party, workshop or event.


Our entertainers and workshop leaders will try their best to park where parking is free.  If you can arrange complimentary parking for our workers, it is highly appreciated.  Please be aware that our price quotes as discussed on the telephone or for written price quotes exclude parking costs for our workers who are not expected to pay for parking. In the instance when our workers are charged for parking whilst working for you, a receipt for their parking will be mailed to you with the invoice for their services and the parking cost will be charged to you or your organisation.  We will try our best to ensure that any potential parking costs are kept as low as possible.

Replacement Worker

Mr Dan has the right to offer you a substitute worker.  We do not make a habit of sending different people to confirmed bookings, however, if a difficulty does occur, we will notify you that our worker has a problem and we will try our upmost to provide a brilliant replacement.

Replacement Trick

If you are expecting to see a particular trick, it is always best to phone us and check this before the event.  We aim to please all customers, but we do not always know what you are expecting to see.   So if you hired a magician and you expect that they are going to make a rabbit appear, we please advise you to check this.  Please note all Mr Dan Entertainers have the right to choose which tricks they perform.

Risk Assessment

To read a risk assessment please click here Entertainer Risk Assessment


Public Liability Insurance

Mr Dan is covered as by Equity Public Liability

Policy Holder Mr Dan 1937165


We are not in charge of the children in our bookings.  The organisation who books us should provide a responsible adult, or the parents must please supervise their children at any bookings that are made with us.  We are entertainers, and workshop leaders and we are not a child minding service.

Please note, we do not have a premises where we invite children to play and therefore we do not have an indepth safeguarding policy.


Website Prices

Our website prices may vary depending on your booking.  If your booking is for a company, or it is a Christmas Party, a Wedding or Christening, there may be additional costs.  There may also be additional costs if we have to travel out far to you, or if the booking is a double or triple shared party.    We would notify you about this before the party.



The aim of our photographer’s visit, Sasha,  is to provide you with over one hundred professional pictures for you.  Sasha may or may not suggest that we use a  picture from the booking for publicity in return for booking her.