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Skipping Workshops

Be healthy, enjoy exercise, have fun  and improve your well being with skipping expert Mr Dan.

Improve your knowledge of skipping with our skipping expert.

Our Skipping Workshops include:

French Skipping, Double Dutch Skipping Partner Skipping,  Long Rope Skipping and Fun Solo Skipping.

Transform your playground with skipping.

“We are a medium sized primary school in the North of England. We had a great day with Mr Dan, a friendly guy who is great with kids. We have used the day as a health promotion within school. I can’t believe the number of different ways you can use a skipping rope! It was fab to see children clearly enjoying themselves with red faces! Thanks Dan, I’ve had great day  and I can easily recommend your skipping workshop, it was amazing” – Headteacher – Mr Eason Fishburn Primary School

Mr Dan works weekly in partnership with skipping workshops,  the most experienced at skipping company in the UK.  He covers the North and Midlands for skipping workshops and has taught thousands of children how to skip since 2012.

Our skipping culture does not have to be a competition, we look at many different skipping types which make the emphasis of skipping to skip for the fun of it.

Mr Dan teaches nursery children up to adults how to skip.  We train dinner time supervisors, PE teachers and adult helpers too.  Participants of all ages and abilities can benefit from skipping and will learn body moves  , skipping games  and may wish to try double dutch skipping.

Our skipping coach(s) can perform a drop in workshop; they can work towards a presentation or teach a small group; how to become skipping playground leaders.

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For the individual skipping tricks, the skippers will try to change the way that their feet land on the floor.  Hopping, the foot cross, ski-ing, the bell, running, turning and the pretzel will be explored.  The learners can also look at changing the ropes movement with the rodeo, crossing the arms, swinging the rope at the side and turning it backwards.

For partner skipping we will team up and do face to face skipping, side by side partner skipping, two people jumping one rope.

For long ropes activities we will look at beginners games such as running under the long rope and cat and mouse.  We can also look at more difficult games such as back to back and skydivers.

The French skipping games shown will depend on the age of the group.  Key stage one children may learn the bunny rabbit game and older key stage two children could try the tricky 5,4,3,2,1 game.

Mr Dan can teach:

*An all day skipping workshop  in the hall or in the playground, where the  classes visit in turn to  learn a range of rope tricks.

*Children to become playground skipping leaders. They will learn how to teach new skippers and the duties of being a skipping helper.

*After school skipping clubs.

*School teachers , to help them with their PE classes.


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