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Drumming Workshops

Drumming workshops Yorkshire will help your learners improve their ear for rhythm and confidence for performance.

This carnival style music activity comes with many percussion instruments and a range of drums to cater for large or small groups of people.

The emphasis is team work, timing and drumming technique. Our drumming workshop is often seen at family fun days, community groups or is suitable for schools.  It’s simply a noisy fun drumming workshop for people of all ages and abilities.  The children will become drummers in a samba band and will work together using team work skills to create a unique piece of music. drumming workshop yorkshire drumming workshop for schools samba workshop

 Every body will be thrilled to receive a percussion instrument.  Working in sub groups, all children and participants will learn an effective rhythm that contributes to the music being created.  Our experience shows that everybody will join in and be happy when they feel the Samba beat.

Our feedback for our drumming workshop has been superb and we have been praised for  this workshop because it is an excellent method for working inclusively at team work skills and allowing a positive opportunity for children to play together.

The fun day will be energetic and full of a mixture of African drumming, Samba drumming and Latin American drumming.

We can also arrange performances for the audience watch. The hairs on the back of their neck shall tingle when they listen and watch their child playing live music. Here is some recent feedback ;

“I would like to thank Dave personally for his drumming workshops tuition delivered last week on our summer school.  The new year seven’s have been tapping on the tables all week during dinner and have been so excited about performing their drumming show which by the way was amazing!”. Our drumming workshop leader is a full time drumming teacher who has worked regularly for schools and community groups.

He also is a drummer in a wedding band and plays a range of musical instruments.  We are so pleased to have him in our team.