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Dance Workshop

Our most popular dance workshop is street dance or break dance.

If music motivates your participants they’ll really enjoy learning the latest hip-hop dance moves. Our dance workshop tutors are member of break dance crews and will help all of the learners improve their technique.  It’s simply great fun, even for people with two left feet.

The high energy workshop is not for the faint  hearted. Our tutors will play some urban music and get both boys and girls involved – everybody will get active in this dance workshop.

Here is some of the feedback from our recent dance workshop.

  • Brilliant exercise. Everyone enjoyed trying to body pop and break dance.
  • All of key stage three joined in and enjoyed break dance.
  • The workshop was very interesting and challenging, our kids got a lot out of it.
  • Nathan the break dance instructor had a great rapport with the young people and gave out simple instructions.
  • The break dance workshop was brilliant for sequencing and following instructions without hassle. Brilliant – could not have been improved – it was especially good for the boys. One girl in our school has never ever shown anything in school before but showed a hand stand in the break dance workshop. Thank you Nathan.
  • An awesome workshop pitched at the appropriate level.
  • Fantastic – brilliant – right up their street.
  • The children were so tired after the morning class, we had the best afternoon ever because the kids were fully chilled out.  Well done.

This class is suitable for pre school children, toddlers, infants, primary school children and adults.  The group will warm up and stretch.  They will learn dance sequences and break dance balances.

Our dance workshop tutor provides music and stereo, so we please require power for this workshop.

We have provided Dance workshops in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire .