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Science Party

professor seltsamProfessor Seltsam’s amazing experiments will make your children giggle in our new science party

Professor Seltsam, senior lecturer of applied absurdity, would like to show you his latest experiments including teleportation and re-creating the Big Bang. His lecture at your science party, involves audience participation, explosions, smoke, danger (mostly to himself!) and juggling on a pogo-stick. If you’re a budding scientist or you just like seeing adults make fools of themselves then this is not to be missed.



The show lasts around 45 minutes and is a mixture of visual and verbal humour, circus, science and the absurd. Aimed at a family audience it is enjoyed as much by 8 year old children as it is by their older siblings and parents. Younger children can have difficulty understanding the science and can be frightened by the quite loud explosions.


The science party has a requirement too; due to the use of pyrotechnics and smoke, particularly in the Big Bang finale, the venue will need a minimum of 3m headroom and adequate ventilation. Smoke alarms may also need to be temporarily disabled.

“There are two schools of thought: Professor Seltsam’s and everyone else’s.”

“His unique experiments have left professional scientists staring in disbelief!”


“If you thought Chaos was only a theory, then welcome to the practical!”

It’s messy……………….. it’s funny………. it’s smokey………. it’s loud………..It’s cool