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Punch and Judy was first seen on 9th May, 1662 by Samuel Peeps (which is also Mr Dan’s birthday.)

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We have provide face painters in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Face Painting Information.

Due to the sensitivity of young children’s skin , our face painters avoid painting children who are younger than three years old. There is no upper age limit to face painting, but please consider face painting takes around five minutes per full face.  If you hire a face painter for a two hour session, perhaps for a children’s face painting party with thirty children, there may not be time to face paint all of the adults as well.

Each of our face painters have their own public liability insurance. We can provide a copy of this to you upon request, at the time of booking.

Our painters use low allergy face paints such as professional brands such as Grimas, Paradise, Superstar, and DFX.  When painted, some people could experience allergic reactions, it is advised for you to request a test patch to be carried out if you are at all unsure of any possible allergies.

Please understand, if a face painting customer shows signs of possible skin infections or other medical problems that may cause the risk of cross infection; then our face painters may not allow face painting.  In these cases, a painted design on the arm or a glitter tattoo will be offered instead. This is to help minimise the possibility of cross-infection to other clients and to avoid causing further distress and discomfort to the person being painted.

To remove face paints simply use soap and warm water, and rub the face gently with a flannel or sponge!. Babywipes for removal may cause skin irritation.

Our face painters prefer working indoors but can work outside. If it is windy or raining, or really sunny, please provide suitable shelter which may also act as shade in the summer. We aim to protect the equipment and the staff and families who are being painted.

We can provide tables and chairs when pre arranged but we need advanced notice for this please. For bookings, please provide two chairs and a large table. Thank you.

Please contact us to arrange a prompt quote for you today.


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