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Human Statues

Human statues around Yorkshire could be the talking point of any event.

Presenting Living statues as seen at York’s Shambles streets or London’s Covent Garden.

We can tailor a human statue act uniquely for your event and have both male and female performers  the specialists at using miming skills to interact with a family audience.

human statue yorkshireliving statue yorkshiremime artist yorkshire

In the picture’s above you can see (left) Mr Dan performing as Atchoo! the sneezing statue.  Atchoo! loves letting out giant sneezes to surprise the public.  (Centre) Deborah, performing her butterfly statue that was customised for a wild life themed event at a leading tourist attraction.  (Right) Michael, performing his classic Charlie Chaplin statue, the kids love Charlie Chaplin’s funny behaviour.

Our human statues work around Yorkshire but also tour around neighbouring counties and consider work any where in the UK.

Our living statues love performing at parties and events.  We have supplied human statues to proms, balls, night clubs, family fun days and promotions.  Mr Dan has provided human mannequins for shop window promotions too.

The entertainers shall bring a smile to your family and friends performing their mime act for your function.

 How do human statues work?

They arrive early and need a place to change provided by you.  They will wear an outfit that is agreed upon before hand, so if you have an idea for a statue, then please let us know.  The mime acts will cover themselves in body paint to match their outfit discussed with you.  They can perform on a plinth or standing on the ground at the times that will be best for your event and for our entertainers as well.

Perhaps, a good time to see the human statue could be as everybody is turning up to the event?

Did you know?

That this form of human statue entertainment is ancient and dates back to the medieval times. Nowadays, countries like Argentina and Holland, hold international human statue competitions with thousands of people attending.