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Face Painters

Hire a Face Painter today! With skilled workers who paint professionally based in Doncaster & across the UK.

Our amazing face painters are full time face painters and are highly experienced!

Our face painters are full time face painters and understand how to face paint properly. It takes just five minutes to paint a face – whether it is a modern or seasonal design.

face painter in doncaster

They use low hypoallergenic paints to ensure that children do not come out in rashes. They are smart friendly and understand the importance of face painting hygiene.

More Information about Face Painting

  • Some people have sensitive skin and our face painters avoid making any ones skin irritable .
  • Our face painters avoid face painting children who are younger than three.
  • Our face painters have insurance.
  • If  a customer’s has a skin problem or an infection and our artiste thinks face painting may cause further harm, then face painting may be refused.
  • Our face painters can do paint on peoples arms as well as their faces.
  • To remove face painting simply use wash with water, and rub the face paint away . We do not recommend using Babywipes as this may aggravate the face.
  • Please provide a table and chairs for our face painters.
  • If you want us to work inside or outside, please let is know. Shelter is often neccassary as we do not wish to get the face paints soaked.
  • Please contact us to arrange a prompt quote for you today.