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Balloon Modellers

Balloon Modellers in South Yorkshire, is intriguing, creative  and balloon bonkers!  We simply love balloon modelling.

Our professional balloon modeller are artists, who love making balloon animals and other sculptures which will keep the kids amused for hours.

Balloon Modeller in Doncaster

Whilst performing at busy events, a balloon modeller, or a team of balloon modellers, love creating fast, bright models using one, two, three or four balloons.  Our balloon artistes are the specialists at modelling balloons that are made in South America and bought by us in the UK.  We often use long thin balloons, but sometimes our professionals use other kinds of balloons such as love heart shaped balloons too.


balloon modeller doncaster

Any balloon modelling special requests?

No worries –  we can arrange special requests  for you beforehand.

Our super balloon modeller, will bring bags of personality to work, and hiring a balloon modeller, is certainly a popular choice of entertainment for a fun event or party.

balloon modeller in doncaster

We have provided balloon artistes for adult events such as open days.  Family events such as religious celebrations.  We have also performed balloon modelling in shows and as walkabout entertainment at children’s birthday parties.  Some of our balloon modellers have other skills too, such as juggling, magic or stilt walking.

We train hard at balloon modelling.  The balloon modelling industry has developed rapidly since we started our business and we have to keep learning to keep up with the children’s needs.  In the nineties, when many of our team begin learning balloons, the children were asking us for balloon dogs and balloon swords which now seem like simple models.  We have experienced that nowadays, the children are not scared to ask us for all kinds of complex characters, from super heroes, to their favourite balloon animals or princess.

To keep up with the children’s requests, our entertainers  learn more advanced techniques and new designs in balloonology; the study of balloon twisting.  We attend balloon modelling training events to learn new up to date balloon models.  We use our new knowledge and take our expertise to work with us.   With a passion for balloon twisting, we will impress your guests with all kinds of trendy and cool balloon sculptures.  If you would like a quote for one of our mobile balloon modellers. please do not hesitate to call us on 01302 852500.