We have more workshops for schools in your area as you may fancy something different

Creative Writing Workshops

If your group has a wild imagination, our specialist tutor will encourage them to let it run free in this workshop that inspires participants to turn fantastic thoughts into fantastic stories.  This workshop is suitable for class room environments and has been very success full in prisons.

Mask Making Workshops

Our mask makers will help the participants create a professional looking mask .  Get your sleeves up and get stuck in, this is messy, creative and fun.  We can do paper masks which are fast and effective or we can work over a longer amount of time  by taking a cast from the learners face allowing it to dry and then strengthen and painting the mask.  It is also possible to have a drama workshop after the mask making workshop which gives the group a chance to perform in their masks.

Stage Fighting Workshops

How do film actors fight without getting hurt? Your group will learn all the Hollywood secrets in this workshop. A really good frolic aimed at budding stuntmen and stuntwomen. This boisterous workshop is very safe and is full of fun.

Street Theatre Workshops

If you’ve ever been to Covent Garden you’ll have seen the zany art of street theatre in full swing. Mr Dan who began his career in 96 by entertaining the public on the streets of York will pass on all the tips of the trade, working with your group towards a street-style performance of their own.

Physical Comedy Workshops

A hands-on performance workshop with an emphasis on humour and slapstick. It might look easy to be a clown, but it takes real insight to do it well. The group will explore their own body language and explore exercises, where the actors change their posture and facial expressions to develop funny comedy characters.

Just some of the feedback we have had from this workshop:

  • It was excellent to see some shy pupils performing on stage.
  • The workshop resulted in a fantastic performance.
  • What a laugh! I didn’t know we had so many talented actors in school.
  • A fun and funny workshop.
  • The children said “they laughed their heads off”.
  • The children really enjoyed performing comedy.
  • Brilliant – no reading or writing so immediate pleasure through success.
  • Excellent – just at the right level for our group. The pupils got loads out of it and understood exactly what physical comedy was.
  • It was very funny for all that took part.
  • Everyone took part and everyone achieved.