Our children’s entertainers in Yorkshire have been touring the North and Midlands performing Punch and Judy show, magic shows, ventriloquist shows, magic shows and face painting at children’s birthday parties.  We have provided our circus party in Yorkshire and our animal party in Nottinghamshire to  make the noisiest kid quiet.


Children's Entertainer in Gainsborough Children's Entertainer in Rotherham Face Painter in Yorkshire

Our flexible kids entertainers adapt to suit any occasion.
We  provided children’s entertainers for hundreds of parties in Yorkshire and around the UK.  Our children’s entertainers have visited religious celebrations, christenings and weddings to entertain kids of all ages.

To mention a few names, we have Mr Dan the circus man who does circus tricks and circus workshops.  Disco Jim who is an epic  disco party DJ.  Our fantastic magicians magic John, magic Billy and magic Barney.  Our amazing professional face painters in Yorkshire, Trudi, Cat,  Jude and Charlie.   The fabulous balloon-modellers in Yorkshire Mr Dan, Pink Polly and Michaelmas Twist.  We are friends with Punch and Judy in Yorkshire and have experienced puppeteer’s, Patsy, Billy, Barney and Mr Dan.

Whether you hire our animal party, our circus party, we guarantee you will enjoy the party more knowing you have a children’s entertainer around so that you can relax and enjoy the fun.

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All descriptons are based on two hour parties

Face Painting

The Face painting party is a great addition to any of our party packages. Our face painters work well alongside other entertainers, whether it is a disco, children’s entertainment show or our animal party.  Our Face painting party is hiring a professional trained face painter who works to a very high standard.

Disco Party

The disco party is our best value party. It is very enjoyable and our DJ has cool disco lights, loads of fun games and the latest chart music.  Our disco party is a brilliant disco and games.

Animal Party

The animal party is an educational based party and suitable for animal lovers. This party is calm and fully interactive. Arts and crafts are also included in the enjoyable experience. Oh and yes, the children can stroke the animals.  Our animal party includes one or two animal experts who provide an educational, fun animal talk where they children can pet the animals.  Animal arts and crafts are also included in this party.

Circus Skills Party

The circus party is our most popular package because it is very unique. No other party combines the correct balance of showmanship and play. It also includes balloon modelling and a disco too, so this party ticks all of the boxes.  Our circus skills party is a mini disco, dancing, games, balloon comedy, a circus skills show and a circus skills workshop.

Mr Dan’s Fun Party

The fun party is a fast moving party, that is perceived as cool and playful. This party is excellent for a wide group of ages and features Mr Dan, an experienced act . It is suitable for toddler parties and suitable for both infant and primary school children as well.  A quick show can be arranged.  This busy fun party includes a range of activities such as the optional show, many games tailored to the age group of the children, a disco with lots of disco dancing, plate spinning, limbo and balloon modelling prizes.

Magic Party

The magic parties are skilfully delivered by incredible and astounding magicians who have dedicated their lives to rehearsing and practicing magic.     They are our most experienced entertainers and have been entertaining at birthday parties for donkey’s years.  Our magic party, is an interactive magic show, balloon prizes, music and games.

Science Party

Our science party is suitable for older children.   It is popular for outdoor events and good indoors, if the venue do not mind you doing explosions.  For indoor parties, you may have to open the windows and will have to temporarily have to switch the fire alarm off.   The star of the show is science and circus skills entertainer; professor Seltsam, who will perform impressive tricks such as lying on broken glass, juggling on a pogo stick, incredible illusions and he will use awesome pyro-technics whilst creating the theory of the big bang.  The show is hilarious and interactive.  If you like smoke, explosions and silly behaviour , the new science party will be the talk of any playground.  Our science party includes a science themed circus skills show and a circus skills workshop.