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Playground Games

We teach different kinds of games from around the world for the children to play at break.

The games are easy for children of all ages and abilities to play together safely.


We teach  children fun playground games from all around the world.   The games learnt in the playground games workshop will help the children be occupied in their own  playground time  .   Our lively lessons educate the participants of  ideas of games to play together.  All of our activities are simple and easy to play.  They are tailored to a child’s age and suitable for all key stages.

We encourage positive safe play and what is learnt in our playground games workshop can be played after our departure.


We bring all resources with us on the day.  The resources used in certain games are basic; like a ball or a hoop, and all resources are chosen because they are very accessible to young people.


Our playground games workshop from around the world include:

mr dan playground games

Drama Games

Circle Time Games

Tag Style Games

Long Rope Skipping Games

Old fashioned toy games such as plate spinning and French skipping


Did you know, Mr Dan background is drama teaching , in face Mr Dan has a drama degree and a teaching certificate.  Drama games help the children use their imagination and build confidence whilst playing .  We play games such as the fishing net game which is researched from the ports of North Africa, and other drama games such as the Ipod game from Japan.  Our games are good for team collaboration and also self discipline.


Standing up in a circle is a great way for Mr Dan to see everybody’s face in get to know the children.  In circle time which can be played out on the yard, we play games like the hula hoop worm from America or the Kung Fu Jungle game from the forests of Thailand.  We can play the English shoe game using juggling balls and the Horse Racing Game from Arabia.  We have many circle time games which can be played indoors if it is raining or even in the playground.



We teach the children several variations of tag, such as the paper scissors and rock team battle and tiggy toilets.  The children love running around at playtime and so enjoy tag.  We have had excellent feedback for this element for the workshop, because we give children new ideas of playground tag games to play.


We can play long rope games in this playground games workshop, such as the charge game and a game of cat and mouse.  The children run under the long rope rather than over the long rope so it does not matter whether they can or cannot skip.  We have also worked alongside dinner time supervisors to explain new long rope games and rhymes.  Long rope games are improve c0-ordination and spacial awareness too and are suitable for all ages.


Well boys and girls, French skipping in Yorkshire and all around is what adults played in the olden days before I pads were invented!  French skipping is also know as elastics or even Chinese ropes.  French skipping is usually played in small groups or three four or five.  Two people stand with a large elastic around their ankles.  The other children or adults playing, have to skip, hop and jump around the elastics.  french skipping in the playground

It is great fun and good exercise too.  Having taught hundreds of children French skipping, we have noticed that the most popular rhyme, that children may have heard, is ; England, Ireland Scotland, Wales.  The second part of the skipping rhyme, known as the ending always seems to change depending on which region we are working in.  Mr Dan is a skipping expert and can teach key stage one French Skipping games for children in nursery, reception, year one and year two.  He can also teach older children French skipping games too.  French skipping can be done on the playground, but unlike jump rope, it is good to play on grass.  Ten French skipping ropes would easily engage sixty children in a playground and once the children have taken part in the playground games workshop, then they will adore French skipping.

french skipping