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Magic Workshop

In this fun magic workshop, learners will learn many closely guarded secrets from the magic circle.

The new magicians will learn simple and effective routines so that they can astound their audience with magic tricks.  The magic equipment will be provided and the children will learn tricks with items that they can obtain easily. 

magic workshop doncaster Rope magic, card magic, coin magic and cups and balls are often used in our magic workshops.  These simple items are easy to work with and easy to access. With magic tips and techniques they’ll be amazing their own audiences in no time.  Our magic workshop leaders are also funny with their tricks and will help  the learners create  jokes to say as they are performing magic. Our magic workshop is interactive for all members of the group.  Everyone in the group will feel excited when the magical secrets are revealed. The magic workshops can lead to performance if you wish. This activity is one of the best workshops that we offer for confidence building. By learning magic illusions, the group will become more confident at talking to others about their magic tricks. We can deliver magic workshop after school clubs or magic full day workshops. Here is some feedback about our magic workshop; ” I am just writing a quick email to you to thank you for the magic project.   Your magicians Barney, John and Billy are fab Mr Dan I cannot recommend them enough.  Thank you for helping us create our school magic show which has been one of the highlights of my teaching career.  The children have enjoyed every second that you have visited our school.  It has been worth every single penny that it has cost our school PTA”.

Please contact us on 01302 852500 if you would like a quote for our magic workshop.