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Drama Workshop

Like all school workshops our drama workshop can be heavily devised to your requirements. Our drama teachers can work closely with you to plan the session to suit the needs of your group.

Our professionals understand practical teaching as well as theatre studies. We can explore issues that are current or relevant with your group and we can also work towards closing the session or project  with a live performance for a suitable audience.

Mr Dan has an extensive knowledge of Drama.  In 1996 he began a drama diploma, followed by a HND in theatre studies in 1998.  After a one year tour of working in theatre in education, Mr Dan returned to Doncaster college in Yorkshire to train as a drama studies and worked hard to pass a drama degree and teaching certificate.

Drama is a broad subject.  We love teaching acting skills to improve confidence and devised sketches to develop creative thinking.

There are many positive benefits that drama can play in realm of any kind of learner.  Our drama workshops will help children develop importanat socskills that they can later use in everyday life situations.

Our classes are fun, active, and engaging. Infact, most of the time, the children do not realise they are acting, often younger children simply think they are playing games and do not realise they are acting,

We can explore themes, that can be used across the curriculum and From acting out scenes called scenarios, and explore the process of acting as a different character known as characterisation.   We can think about making up comedy sketches and explore how the drama changes if we change the endings and scenarios.  Drama promotes critical thinking, so that students can formulate and express their own opinions in our workshop.

We have delivered our drama classes to a wide range of groups. From the scout movement who want to make a play to show in church, to training days , using role play with NHS workers, to explore how they should act at work.

If you have an idea about using drama to help your group, we are good at listening and can make a scheme that works for you.