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Circus Skills Workshop

It’s the most popular and in-demand workshop we offer. Participants will try their hand at a variety of tricks and creating a real visual spectacle. Expect colour, exciting looking equipment and all the thrills of the big top.

Our circus workshop tutors are very experienced at working with ranges of abilities. They teach many circus skills workshops to all key stages such as;  clowning, feather balancing , juggling, plate spinning, diabolo, stilts, pedal go, hoops, flower-sticks, tightrope walking, and for children older than key stage two, unicycling.

We found this on the BBC website…

Juggling increases brain power

Complex tasks such as juggling produce significant changes to the structure of the brain, according to scientists at Oxford University.

In the journal, Nature Neuroscience, the scientists say they saw a 5% increase in white matter – the cabling network of the brain when trying a  circus skills workshop.

The people who took part in the study were trained for six weeks and had brain scans before and after.

Long term it could aid treatments for diseases like multiple sclerosis.

To read the full article – click here.

Some feedback  comments from our circus skills workshop are:

  • Fabulous. Circus skills workshops shows that all people are skilled even if they struggle with their school work.
  • Great skills building – Mr Dan is an ace demonstrator with the children.
  • The children enjoyed the juggling and unicycling.
  • Good to see challenging pupils were engaged with the  circus skills workshop.
  • A great way to launch the start of our new topic.circus workshop yorkshire

Based in Doncaster, we teach circus workshops  in Yorkshire and across the North and Midlands.  Mr Dan has worked with Greentop Circus based in Sheffield since 2000 when he was the co coordinator of the Sheffield youth circus.  This included teaching children circus activities and taking the children on circus trips to Cirque du Soleil, The Blackpool Circus and to the local library to teach other children circus skills in Sheffield.

If you are interested in purchasing circus equipment for your organisation, please click here

Here is a link to our circus workshop

Mr DAN a circus workshops risk assessment