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Balloon Modelling Workshop

Balloon modelling workshops are an all fun, all age friendly workshop where participants will soon progress from picking up the basics of balloonology, to creating balloon masterpieces. Our balloon modelling tutors from Yorkshire are mobile and attend regular training programmes in the art of twisting balloons and will help everybody learn their art.

Learners will keep all the balloon models they make.

Just some of the feedback we received from our balloon workshop:

  • The pupils enjoyed balloon modelling. It was tricky for some but all succeeded.
  • All pupils made a balloon and were very interested in balloon modelling.
  • Everyone was fascinated by balloon modelling.
  • The balloon modelling workshop was very creative and everyone joined in.
  • A great workshop. The boys enjoyed the challenge of creating something from the balloons without popping them.

We use load of different kinds for this balloon modelling workshop.  We use thick balloons, thin balloons and heart balloons.  We have delivered structured balloon modelling workshops in comprehensive school and balloon modelling workshops is primary schools.  Furthermore we have performed drop in style workshops in shopping centres, youth clubs and at family fun days.

In a one hour class, the learner will master, inflating a balloon properly, knotting the balloon, how to twist correctly, how to lock a balloon and of course making models.  Beginners make dogs on leads, balloon hats, balloon swords and balloon belts.  As the group get used to working with balloons, then they can try different animals such as rabbits, cats, bears, and giraffes.  We can do shorted classes or longer classes as well.

The workshop is good for beginners and for experienced balloon modellers too. We have done balloon modelling workshops in Yorkshire, around the North and Midlands and have always had super feedback.  This workshop has been successfully received by school children and new doctors have hired this activity as an ice breaker service.

If you would like any more information on our balloon modelling workshop, please call our office today on  01302 852500.