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Badge Making Workshop

Badge making is easy and great fun. We’ll bring our super new badge machine so that your group can make badges that they can keep.

It can turn thick paper into badges so your group can bring in their favourite photos or pictures and go home wearing them.

Our machine seems to keep the children quiet as they love making something that they have ownership of.  It is suitable for schools, children’s parties and promotions.

Just some of the feedback we received from our badge making workshop:

  • We really enjoyed creating the artwork and printing out pictures which we transferred into a badge.
  • The children brought pictures from home and chose pictures of interest to them. They smiled when they received their badge.
  • The machine is like magic! The children are still wearing their badges.
  • The badge machine gave an immediate feeling of success.
  • The children enjoyed designing the badges and loved wearing them.  They also enjoyed watching the badges being made. They simply loved badge making

We have delivered badge making workshops for shopping centres, schools and play groups.  It has been hired to support stands at exhibitions and we have successfully held large crowds with this fun workshop.  Our badge making has been well received at youth clubs too.

Our badge making workshop can be hired as a drop in workshop.  This is when families arrive to the badge making workshop at different times and join in the fun.  Our badge making workshop can also be hired as a structured workshop.  This is when participants begin the workshop at the same time.  Our workshop leader explains how to make a design and make the badge.  After the talk, the learners  then create their design using pens, cards and stickers.  Next we cut the art work out and after the work has been punched though our badge making machine, then  the badge is finished and ready to wear.