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Mr Dan’s Fun Party

Are looking for a children’s entertainers in Yorkshire or near by?

Mr Dan’s Fun Party for a two hour party, package includes  :

Mr Dan’s ridiculous yet amusing behaviour

A PAT tested disco

Party dances suitble for the group of guests

Traditional games

Plate spinning

Fun non-competative games

The limbo game

Balloon prizes

An optional fairly short show for young children but more games for older children.


Our fun party is a high energy party that caters well for  mixed age groups. It is a non-themed party package that includes a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

This fun party is great for lively children who enjoy joining in with games & dancing, as there  is no lengthy sit down party show in this children’s birthday party entertainment and special occasions party package.


At the fun party, Mr Dan will fuss the birthday child and perform silly balloon modelling too.  He will get the children dancing away using his unique comedy style.


children's party entertainer in Doncaster

We have had incredible feedback for the fun party. 

All of our feedback is genuine:

*****Amazing!!!! Kids loved him and they were entertained every second mr dan was there, highly recommend him, will defo use again, thank you!!!*****

*****  I would like to say a big thank you Mr Dan for coming and entertaining our guests .  Everyone, both children and adults enjoyed the night and that was due to you. !*****


Fun Party Plan For Pre School Children

The fun party has been successful with toddler parties.  It will include gentle party dances such as wind the bobbin’ up’ and head shoulder knees and toes.  The children can play games such as the beans game and the find it game and they can also try plate spinning too.

The package shall also include a disco with bright lights and lots of  slap stick comedy to make the children giggle.

We have worked in many children’s nurseries.  Although there is no gurantee that every child we br bright eyed and bushy tailed, we  feel confident that this programme is suitable for children as young as three years old.

Fun Party Tip:   Why not have the party in the morning because many little ones have an afternoon nap.


kids entertainers doncaster


For Key Stage One Children  (Reception/ Foundation, Year One & Year Two)

Mr  Dan loves kids party pop music and party dances like the conga, the superman dance, gangnam style and the hokey cokey .  The fun party includes party games like musical statues, musical bumps, musical rings, plate spinning and the limbo, pirates and the silly beans game.  If you like the idea of playing lots of games and have a large group fo children to entertain, we recommend this party.

Fun Party Tip:  An optional show is included in this party package, please let us know if you would like one.


Fun Party Plan For Lower Key Stage Two  Children  (Year, Three, Four) 

Mr Dan attempt to dress cool and wont  be dressed in his usual bright and colourful childen’s entertainer uniform.  He will still dress fun and professional and he shall play up to date chart music.  The games will be suuitable for the age group and shall include limbo, plate spinning , the colour spinner game and the yes and no games.  The party dances will be a little bit more tricky than at usual parties including the macarena, the YMCA and the Cha Cha Slide.

Fun Party Tip:  Some families buy glow stick for this party and call it a glow party.


Fun Party Plan For Upper Key Stage Two  Children  (Year, Five And Six)

We have delivered the fun party for Under 11 football teams and many year six parties and they have always gone down a storm.

The disco and party dances will be provided and will be a part of this party.  There will be a large range of party games including the colour spinner game, musical rings and we could try our messy Mummy’s game too.

Fun Party Tip:   Ask the parents to provide a baby photo of each guest and create a name the faces baby quiz.  The kids will love it.



Please note , the plans provided may vary a little  particualry if you have a mixed age group.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the circus skills party and Mr Dan’s Fun Party?

The circus skills party always has a circus skills show, it is circus skills themed party and includes circus skills props like a tight wire, a unicycle and a circus globe.  The fun party is non themed and focuses more on playing games together, where as the circus skills party is all about the circus skills.

If you are unsure which party is best for your event, please give me a call, on 07900512759. 


Do I need to get prizes for the party?

It is up to you.   If you do not provide prizes this won’t be a problem.  But if you do provide prizes, we will use them.  And ,we  don’t need lots of prizes, some parents provide loose sweets and after a game, everyone wins a sweet!  Please note, I do not provide sweets and I am not insured to do so, however, if a parent provides the sweets it is okay,  because they have not been sourced by Mr Dan Entertainers.

Considerations may need to be made, some children do not have particular sweets for religious reasons, dietary requirements and allergies. 


Do you do pass the parcel?

If your child  likes this game, then go for it.  But if the birthday child is not too bothered about this game, then leave it.  Perhaps ask the birthday child.

In my opinion it is like marmite, some birthday kids love it and some don’t like it!

Please note I can help run the game and will provide music but I don’t provide a parcel.  It is also handy to have a bin liner for the used wrapping paper.   



Do you need a parcel for pass the parcel?

Yes please, we don’t provide parcels –  and please work on the idea it takes one minute per layer.  We have seen many large parcels over the years, and is some cases; with the amount of layers of wrapping paper , that there are party guests ….and this can take too much time.

Perhaps two or three small parcels may be more engaging then one huge parcel?


Also do you do requests for music or just follow a set list?

Yes, I do pre-organised requests for music.   I have a good sensible choice of pop , chart and children’s music and also do school discos in South Yorkshire and other areas.  But I do not have everything. Please understand, that the party  music is not being sourced online throughout the party,  so, if you ask for a request on the day, I may or may not have the requests.

It is therefore best to let me know beforehand please and this way I can ensure I have your favourite track (s) to avoid disappointment.



Will you have timings for  the entertainment?

We can carefully work with you, so that our timings work with the items that you have planned.  Perhaps, you would like to present a cake, have a bite to eat or organise the handing out of party bags?

We will discuss this with you so that you know what is happening.


Will you know exact timings for every activity?

An experienced entertainer will know approximately how long each activity is on the day, but this depends on many variables including;

  • How enthusiastic the children are about the activity
  • If the birthday child is enjoying the activity
  • How many people are participating in the activity
  • What the activity is
  • How much room there is, to do the activity


So for the above reasons, we do not have an exact written plan, a plan that is fully accurate.




When would be best to serve food and cake sing happy birthday?

We would recommend doing the birthday cake and then the children eat afterwards.   If you sing after the food, you may have to round the children up twice, and some children may have their mouths full of food.  It may also allow more time to slice a cake up for the party bags, if you sing before the food is served.


The most popular pathways for timings are to do cake and food, half way through a party, or at the end of a party.   Please be careful where you leave a cake.  If it is displayed so that young children can reach, they may touch it.


If you have any other  queries , we like trying to help , so please call Mr Dan on 07900512759