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Fire Performers

A spectacular fire performer can heat the ambiance of your  gathering, with fire juggling tricks to please the eyes.

Why not hire a fire juggler, a fire eater, or go for a longer fire show to bring your crowd together?  They will bring the X Factor to your event.

fire juggler in yorkshire


Our professional fire performers work outdoors only when they are performing with fire.  They can work by day or night.

Fire Performer Yorkshire Fire Performer in Yorkshire Fire Performers in Yorkshire

Our leading fire jugglers will look stunning and will perform dynamically for you.

Each fire entertainer is experienced at working with fire and so our fire performer is responsible and is trained in safety. Each fire performer has their own fire insurance policy.  A policy that we can show to you for your peace of mind when booking.

When performing fire, the audience need to be distanced from the fire performer.  This distance can vary depending on the fire insurance policy but it is often around three metres approximately.

We are not just fire performers!

Our fire performers like many of our entertainers are trained in different areas. It can be possible, that our fire performers can show other tricks for your guests, as well as performing an astounding fire display. So if you are considering an event like a party.  Perhaps they could do some indoor juggling or some walkabout stilt walking too, as well as performing an array of incredible fire tricks outdoors to entertain your party guests.

Did You Know?

Our fire performers are excellent to hire as meet and greet evening entertainers. One way to arrange the fire performer act is to situate the fire performer near to front of the venue.  As your guests arrive, they will see fire being manipulated, to set an impressive tone for the evening, and to welcome people with fire as they arrive.