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Close up Magicians

Our professional close up magicians are available in the daytime or in the evening. They mix and mingle around your event working the crowds.  Our magicians can table hop around functions too.  They are full time party magicians for weddings and parties.   Magic BillyMr Dan magicians from Yorkshire and around the north use a range of magic tricks, from  professional card tricks, magic rings, coin manipulation, magic ropes, and  traditional cups and balls.  You will definitely be entertained by our party entertainers who will humour and astound with the secrets of the magic circle. Whether you are having a wedding or  a christening, we ensure our entertainers can help you make a magical experience.   With an easy going personalities and repertoires of incredible magic, we will help to maintain the spirit of the occasion.  We will keep your guests entertained. Research has shown, it is important to ensure that your guests are entertained.  When you hire our magical entertainers, your guests will spread the word that your celebration was super pleasant and a most enjoyable day. Our close up magicians are interactive with your guests and will also bring comedy to your function.  Professional close up magicians for wedding and christening is an exciting way for families to relax too. It is also a good way of new guests getting to know one and other, because they  will be talking about our magical entertainer. Furthermore, your party guests will be involved and encouraging to take part in the magic tricks.  The children and adults will still be trying to work out how they did the illusions long after the event is over. Hire our close up magicians today to make happy memories of your special day.   Memories that are talked about years and years after. Here at Mr Dan entertainers, we have provided close up magicians for weddings and christenings since we began our business.  We have also provided close up magicians, over sees and  for large exhibitions when and corporate gatherings too.